on the hunt

I would say it was in the eighth grade when my infatuation with the french language began.  I've been speaking french since I was 5 years old but not until then, did I discover it's beauty.  That was the year I met one of my best friends and she showed me the luxuriousness of the language.  Thanks to her my mind had been opened to the elegance of the french culture, rather than the annoyance I often felt about it.  We began to study french film and actresses like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Audrey Tatou and even Sofia Coppola although she's not exactly french.  These women embody the effortlessness that french girls are said to have - the look I aspire to learn.  
With all that said, I've decided that I'm missing an essential piece in my extensive wardrobe : a white button up.  

so now I'm on the hunt and my requirements include a deep pointed collar like this one and any material but 100% silk as I don't want the shirt to be too drapey.  suggestions?

x Nicole Torneiro 



our perception of smell seems to be wafting it's way into the world of consumerism in more ways than just your average candle.  it seems as though in the last few years, many companies have branched out into signature scents that are more than just a perfume.  samantha and dawn goldworm expand on this topic during an interview they did with looktv a couples weeks ago, watch it here.  i believe that scent is very important in creating an atmosphere that is enjoyable and although certain companies may take this notion a bit too far (ahem, hollister...abercrombie) i found the informationthe goldworm duo provided on the topic riveting - it sounds like a market that is pretty unexplored but is definitely  growing and i recommend watching the video to understand the sisters' perspective on the importance of aroma.

a little while ago i was shopping around downtown calgary with my mom before i went to get my hair cut and we stopped in one of her favourite furniture stores, chintz & company.  as we were walking around we spotted this (see below) 

i thought it was beautiful but i didn't really know what it was...it was displayed among the candles but i didn't really make the connection.  these pieces are actually diffusers, created by the designer herve gambs.  you can purchase the floral piece which is seen in the photo and you also purchase the bottle of perfume that comes in a variety of amazing scents, separately. once you take it home, you spray the petals with the scent and it diffuses into the air.  i thought this idea was very interesting and very thoughtful.  many of the pieces that are carried in the line are very elegant and are really nice decorative pieces - i debated buying the flower without the spray just because i thought it was so cute and i also debated buying the scent without the diffuser to wear as perfume.  although i didn't purchase either, as they're pretty pricey and i was unsure of how the scents would work as perfumes, i think that if youre willing to invest in candles such as diptyque or even anthropologie, the herve gambs diffusers are a really interesting, not to mention discrete, approach to making a room smell pleasant.  you can read more about the designer and his collection on his website http://www.hervegambs.fr/eng/ 

x nicole torneiro



I have no idea why but this song is my newest jam and I listen to it all the time consecutively. It makes me feel like I'm on a vacation in Europe, where I really wish I was right now.

x Nicole Torneiro


snip it

For a while I was keen on growing my hair to my waist, parted in the centre, straight and long with no layers, I wanted blunt flowing hair to create an edgy look.  I could not be more bored with long hair and my quest to let mine grow.  Too many girls hide behind their hair because they think long hair makes them beautiful.  I don't need extremely long hair to feel feminine or pretty. I sometimes get random urges when I feel extremely bored with my appearance and I think I look too much like every other girl and I need a change. I recently really wanted to bleach my eyebrows but everyone told me not too (I think I still might, fuck the h8ers).  But this time, I decided to chop off my long hair.  Shorter hair has been an adjustment but I'm honestly really glad I made this choice.  Short hair brings the eyes higher up and makes people focus on your features, so you're really not hiding behind your hair.  I feel like Olivia Palermo basically every day (insert girl emoji who is primping her hair) and I love styling my hair and pulling inspiration from her since she's someone whose personal style I really admire. I think that if you're thinking about making the cut, you should do it and don't look back - if you hate it, then ooops.  Long hair is going to be over any minute, if it isn't already.  Lily Collins and Karlie Kloss have recently made the cut... just sayin' 

x Nicole Torneiro


baseball caps

I'm pretty sure that my dad's favourite thing to say when my sisters and I are taking too long primping and he's trying to get us out the door is, "just put on a baseball cap and let's go!"  We've obviously never taken his ridiculous advice but this summer has given a new meaning to that phrase.  I think there is something unique about the juxtaposition of sporty and feminine attire and this combination is something that is really growing on me.  I've always had a negative attitude towards sportswear because naturally, a girly girl such as myself has a deep hatred for anything sports related that might resurface painful memories of getting picked last to be on the lacrosse teams during gym class (yes, that really happened.)  But ever since designers such as Alexander Wang have begun to pull inspiration from traditional sportswear I have come to see these pieces in a new light.  The baseball cap is a trend I honestly never thought I would indulge in, however, looking at J.Crew's August style guide and seeing the way this embroidered cap has been styled, my mind has definitely been open to the idea of wearing a baseball cap.  I don't think that 60 dollars is a reasonable price to spend on something that I think is a trend that probably won't last longer than a season for two and I'm not sure how this piece will transition into fall, but I'm eager to see how other bloggers will pair this piece.  I don't know yet how I would style this piece, I might pair it with a quilted jacket, a silk button up and black denim, I'm not too sure, but hopefully when the shipment arrives I'll have a good time thinking about ways to wear it.  

x Nicole Torneiro



I love me some Valentino and the FW 2013 Collection was to DIE - you can check it out here.  In high school I loathed any form of hoodie/sweatshirt because I thought they were lazy and ugly.  Lately, I have come to appreciate the sophistication that a crew neck can offer.  For example, this Valentino crewneck has a beautiful print on it that is very european and like baroque-ish if that's even the time period it belongs to, (i'm probably wrong, sorry to any art history majors) the point is, I think crewnecks and sweaters can be sophisticated when they're worn a certain way and I think they've made a huge splash in the world of fashion bloggers and street style.  If anyone wants to buy me an early bday present, I wouldn't say no this gorg piece of art <3  I would wear this specific piece with a long silk top underneath or maybe a Wilfred Capucine tee and leather or wax pants.  I think it would also look cute paired on top of a leather miniskirt or simply with a leather jacket and black jeans.

x Nicole Torneiro


gld tassel

tank: h&m, shorts: joe fresh, necklace: jcrew, bracelet: jcrew, watch: michael kors

Upon my return from university, I became obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project and watched all the seasons basically religiously until I finished and am dying to watch more. (if anyone reading this knows of any shows similar to rzp or the hills/the city please let me know because I am definitely interested in watching but anyways..) Zoe is often seen wearing her signature gold tassel necklace which I am also obsessed with.  She is usually seen wearing it with all black outfits, which I'm extremely partial to.  I love the way she wears this chunky piece of jewelry so I picked up the J.Crew equivalent of a gold tassel necklace (here) and I really like this as an alternative to the one she wears, which can be a bit much for people that already don't do a lot of jewelry such as myself. 

x Nicole Torneiro



top: brandy melville, sweater: jcrew, shorts: joe fresh, bracelet: jcrew, watch: michael kors
Embarrassingly, I have this J.Crew sweater in both shades... this colour reminds me of some sort of Chanel jacket and I have been wearing both pretty religiously, in and outside of work. 
x Nicole Torneiro


I will never forget the first pair of overalls that really marked me as a fashion lover.  Two of my cousins were visiting from Toronto and in preparation for a night out they each stepped down the stairs, decked out in their party attire -- one of the two sporting a skin tight denim overall with a flared leg.  I was in complete awe of her getup and to this day, I still remember it in all it's glory and fabulousness.  Overalls have come a long way since the 90s.  What I love about this modern take on an overall is that they can be styled in a variety of ways. You can wear them soft grunge with a Metallica tee and dark arm candy, you can wear it minimalist with a simple white tee and strappy heels.  It's easy and doesn't necessitate much styling as the one piece makes up the majority of the outfit, but I think it still manages to look put together and chic. Nothing ground breaking here, since this trend has been around for a little while, but I'm firm in my beliefs that an overall is sick (and I'm dying over the Phillip Lim leather overall - it's beautiful) hopefully I'll be getting one soon.
x Nicole Torneiro